Monday, 15 February 2016

Back to the Boneyard

Much to the surprise of many of you, I'm sure, last July's launch into the ether of some of my deathless prose (see the earlier post "A Graveyard Ballet in Cyberspace") apparently destroyed neither the reputation nor the finances of the publisher, Cemetery Dance. In fact, tempting Fate though they almost certainly are, they've been kind enough to keep me at the Boneyard Ball a little longer by exhuming several examples of out-of-print Atkinsiana, buffing them up to a fine electronic shine, and letting them trip the dark fantastic one more time.

Three novels and a couple of stand-alone short stories (or as they call them -- thrillingly to an old 45rpm nerd like me -- 'singles') have already been thrust upon Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iBooks and are available right now.  Let's pause for some eye-candy, shall we:

Those are the novels, all at the so-cheap-you'll-hardly-notice-your-money's-gone price of $2.99. And here -- at Macklemore's favorite Thrift Shop price of 99c -- are the singles:

(I'm delighted by all the covers but I have to say that that last one makes me grin the most. It's the work of the lovely Lynne Hansen, the better half of the equally-lovely Jeff Strand, who's one of my stablemates in that aforementioned CEMETERY DANCE SELECT series that was launched last summer.)

Once the product pages for the five titles are up at Cemetery Dance's own website, I'll come back and edit this sentence till it resembles nothing so much as a shameless link. In the meantime, stop being so lazy and go type a few words into an e-tailer's search button, why dontcha?

[E.T.A. 3/4/16. And here I am back a mere couple of weeks later with the link in question: That will take you to the main announcement page from where you may click away on the direct purchase buttons until your little hearts are full and your little wallets lighter]

Speaking of said search buttons, by the way, [which I was, before I popped back in Time to interrupt myself] reminds me of how useful it is to have a name like Algernon Blackwood if you're going to be an author. No wikipedia-style 'disambiguation' likely to be needed there, is there? Nor, I'm guessing, for more contemporary but still unique-ish names like Kaitlin R Kiernan or Laird Barron. But Peter Atkins? Common as fucking muck, apparently. There are, far as I can tell, at least five (FIVE!) Peter Atkinses out there who've published books. And I think four of them should stop. But as that's unlikely (and very unreasonable of me), let me instead just reconfirm for you that I am neither an Anglican Bishop nor a Chemistry Professor with famously atheistic views and that if you come across books written by Peter Atkins which involve either molecules or the Liturgy the possibility of them having been written by this Peter Atkins is surprisingly low*.

*(Yes. Thank you. Fully aware that that might be a plus. Hilarious. Now piss off.)