Friday, 23 September 2011

FantasyCon 2011

I'll be attending the British Fantasy Convention next week, where they've been foolish enough to make me one of the Guests of Honour. Details can be found here. Despite my presence, FantasyCon will be a great weekend and I recommend attending to anyone who enjoys any branch of the literature of the fantastic, or enjoys getting drunk with like-minded people, or both. 
My current publisher, the great Peter Coleborn of Alchemy Press, would think it remiss of me if I didn't mention that I'll have a book to flog at the Con. Rumours of the Marvellous will be launched on the Saturday afternoon. There will be wine. And an author happy to sign copies of the book or any of his previous efforts


  1. Just another of the Imposters, welcoming you down the rabbit hole. May you make more consistently productive use of your little virtual corner than I seem to be able to...


  2. Great to meet you at Fantasycon, Pete. I'm looking forward to starting on Rumours of the Marvellous. Now if only I didn't have all these other bloody books to get through first...

  3. A-ha! Finally discovered how to post comments. Only took a month, which isn't bad for me vis-a-vis technology understandable by the average five year old.


    @Glen: Welcome, mio fratello oscuro. Don't know how much 'use' this place will be, but it's always nice to have somewhere to vent, isn't it?

    @John: Great to meet you too, mate. Hope all's well.